Original proposal/brief

Proposal for a NSA show at Kestle Barton

Robert Smithson's non-site was a sculptural representation in the gallery of
a real place or site. As a pioneering land artist, he was interested in a dialectical
relationship or oscillation between the two, and much of his career was
concerned with exploring the link between the gallery and the space outside
it. This, of course, has been a central concern for painters, particularly landscape
painters, for many years but Smithson developed new ways of responding
to and thinking about this dichotomy.

It is proposed that the NSA show takes its theme and its title from Robert
Smithson in order to revisit the issue of site/non-site, and NSA members
will be asked to submit proposals that are imaginative responses to the

It is therefore imagined that members will either suggest:
1) one work that bridges both the gallery and the non-gallery space outside.
2) two works, one of which is sited outside the other inside such that
there is a conversation or dialogue between them.
3) a work made in the vicinity of the gallery (eg elsewhere in the
Lizard) which could be documented in, or engage with, Kestle Barton.
Whilst eg landscape painting or photography also represents a valid response
to the exhibition's theme, the selectors will primarily be looking for
other imaginative or unusual approaches.
Selection will be made on the strength of the proposal, and the strength of
the artist’s track record. Any pictures or visual aids will help. CVs and examples
of relevant work are recommended. It is important that each proposal
shows a clear indication of the materials, scale, access and other logistical
issues as well as the conceptual design.

Given the sensitive nature of any intervention to the existing Kestle Barton
project it is important for all artists who might be interested in taking up this
brief to attend a site meeting at Kestle Barton to be introduced to the land
and the various existing and planned undertakings.

This site meeting is scheduled for Saturday 23 July 2011 from 2-4pm. During
this meeting a tour of the site will be given along with a description of
the various concerns surrounding the grazing land, meadowlands, nuttery,
orchards, public footpaths, etc. It is believed that no serious proposal can be
submitted that has not been informed with this relevant information.
Artists developing their ideas for a proposal are welcome to return as often
as needed. NSA members will be encouraged to visit Kestle Barton and Helford
whilst working on their proposal. Some help will be given in siting
works in the locale, but these ultimately should be temporary interventions
that leave no lasting impact in the environment. It will be important to see a
clear plan in the proposal of how the works will be dismantled when the
show ends.

After the initial site meeting proposals will be accepted until the proposal
deadline of Saturday 8 October 2011. The brief is being presented over a
year in advance to facilitate the possibility of time-based projects that might
span several seasons or require a significant period of time to be developed.
The exhibition is scheduled for 6 October - 4 November 2012. However,
Kestle Barton will welcome the presence of artists working on their projects
on site throughout the year, especially during the busy summer season
leading up to the show next year. Where it is appropriate it would be desirable
to encourage visitor interaction with the artists while their work is being

Please contact Dr. Ryya Bread at Kestle Barton if you have any questions.